About us

MOOD is community-backed tech project and it's with your support that we are able to make this product at the price we do. We have a very small team working from around the world and we do things a little differently around here. Our startup is delivering wireless tech on a budget. We share exclusive deals and updates on a monthly basis.


Yes you can control all your lights with one remote, or control each light with separate remotes. Every MOOD light comes with one remote, and you can easily sync remotes to different lights with the touch of a button.

Yes! Just select a color on your remote to instantly set solid colours to all lights or each light indivually.

Currently all our features are easy to use with your wireless remote. We hope in the future with more feedback from customers, and more funding... we can expand our features and controls to a phone app.

Simply hold the on-board button on your unit to enable auto-reactive DJ mode. Your light will automatically browse effects and react to the music!

Shipping & Returns

Standard shipping typically takes 2-3 weeks for our orders depending on your region. Our express shipping usually delivers in 5-7 business days.

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you can return your package and we will refund you your original shipping and purchase price.

Getting Started